Yottaa Highlights the Need for (Website) Speed


ADOTAS – Just like Sammy Haggar can’t drive 55, marketers can’t convert if their landing pages are too damn slow. According to website speed-tracker Yottaa, just a one-second delay can decrease conversions by 7%.

In conjunction with the integration of  Google Analytics into its cloud-based web performance assessment and monitoring tool Yottaa Insight, the company released this interesting infographic showing just how detrimental a sluggish site speed can be to marketing efforts.

Yottaa Insight, a free online service, can inform marketers how site speed is affecting bounce rates, time on site, pages per visit and conversions when they enter a url. The moneymaker for Yottaa is its Optimizer product, which boosts site speed via a global elastic multi-cloud network and proprietary web-performance optimization technologies.


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