Yahoo! Expands Smart Ads to Homepage, Video


yahoo_smallADOTAS – Yahoo! has added some new members to it family of Smart Ads, personalized ad units that employ Yahoo! user data for optimization.

Enabling advertisers to potentially personalize ads for the 108 million monthly uniques that visit Yahoo!’s homepage, Smart Ads for Homepage are optimized for each user by Dapper, the dynamic creative firm Yahoo! acquired last year.

Through tech partner Mixpo, Smart Ads for Video offer 15-second video clips inside banners. These are optimized based on geography, time of day, age, gender and behavioral data. Both Yahoo! Premium Display and Network Plus inventory can be used for this unit.

According to Yahoo!’s internal metrics, Smart Ads are 12 times more likely to get clicked on than static display ads and can deliver 20 times more return on investment. Check out this case study for clothing retailer


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