Watch Video Ads, Get Facebook Credit


facebook_creditADOTAS – The days of ScamVille long past, offer marketing (value exchange is the new term du jour) has returned in a big way to Facebook thanks to… Facebook.

Through deals with Peanut Labs and ad network TrialPay, Facebook jumped back into the offer marketing realm last month, with app users and game players completing brand interactions — polls, surveys, subscriptions, etc. — for Facebook Credits (or Zuck Bucks, as I like to call them). Thanks to some developer policy changes, Facebook Credits, which gives the social network a 30% cut, will be the one and only virtual currency allowed in the Facebook ecosystem come July 1.

Now when you’re playing/using one of 350 ad-supported games or apps on the Facebook platform, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Facebook Credits simply by watching video advertisements. TrialPay will manage the new “DealPlay” platform, which will also include video ads from ShareThrough, EpicSocial, Supersonic Ads and SocialVibe.

SocialVibe, which is the exclusive brand engagement platform for social gaming kingpin Zynga and is integrated into eight of the top 10 apps on Facebook, commented that advertisers will be able to enter a variety of activities onto a microsite served within the ad –polls, games and and the ability to share the “brand experience” in some fashion with their acquaintances. They forwarded me a couple of interesting demos.

Of course, offer marketing with Facebook credits gets considerably interesting as the revamped Facebook Deals group-buying platform offers the ability to use Facebook Credits to buy real-world services and products. Yes, you’d actually be getting paid a viable (not just virtual!) currency to watch commercials — or “engage with brands,” as the marketing people like to put it.

However, Mashable reports that initially the average reward for a video ad viewing is a single Facebook Credit, the equivalent of a dime. Thirty seconds of my attention is worth more than that! Who will give me a quarter for watching a video ad?


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