Visibli Gives Sneak Peek Into Competitor Twitter Influence


In the social media realm, it’s growing more important by the day to measure your brand’s influence — but wouldn’t you also like to know how influential the competition is? Visibli is offering just that with its new “Sneak Peek” social analytics service.

Calling it “ for Twitter,” tweeters can type in their handles (@whatever) to see a Google Analytics-like display of clicks from the past 14 or 30 days (real-time requires registration), including most-clicked-on links, re-shared links and monthly change. Registrants can also take a gander at their top traffic sources.

The really neat part? A company can also enter competitors’ handles to see their daily clicks and most-shared links. That’s some insight.

Visibli also offers users customized “Engagement Bars” on their links, reminding a clicker just who sent him or her to a certain page. These can also be advertisements — for example, on a campaign for musician Quincy Jones, when a viewer clicked a link to a review from Jones’ Twitter account or website, an unobtrusive bar remains at the top of the browser advertising the artist’s latest album and inviting users to listen to it on iTunes or share through Facebook or Twitter.



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