Video SEO Drives Traffic to Retail Sites


ADOTAS – SundaySky, which specializes in automated video production at scale for retailers, suggests in its latest research that many e-commerce outfits are ignoring a key SEO tactic. By optimizing branded videos on their websites, consumers can be sent directly from search results to product pages.

Testing 34,000 keywords garnered from’s top searches within 17 categories, 18% featured video results. In particular, about half of the keywords for video games generated video results.


Take a wild guess where most of these video results go – if you didn’t say YouTube, slap yourself. HSN has a whopping 79,034 videos on the site; the next biggest uploader is Systemax (3,625), followed by (3,080) and QVC (1,243). Nike’s channel, which has 1,096 videos, is the most watched with nearly 150 million views, trailed by Systemax (84 million) and HSN (43 million).

SundaySky reports that 96,000 retail videos were posted on YouTube in the first quarter of 2011 (a 9% quarter over quarter improvement) while retail videos garnered 420 million views (13% QOQ increase).

SundaySky notes that not many online retailers use videos to drive search traffic to their sites, but those that do have all mass-scaled website inventory to thousands of product videos. Overstock has an estimated 95,000 videos on its site, followed by Amazon with 72,635 and HSN with 29,620. HSN has an estimated 12,500 videos indexed by search engines, while Overstock has 6,310 and Nike 4,070.

SundaySky’s advice? “Similar to standard SEO best practices, producing mass-scale videos to cater to long tail keywords will generate better search engine results, particularly in the more saturated categories.” Apparently 32% of retailers scaled to 1,000 or more videos on their sites, compared to 22% the year before.


  1. I would like to add that current possibilities of video seo are getting bigger and bigger, also because of new Youtube features like annotations, captions and subtitles.
    We – i.e. Pelicula and Seoguru – are carrying out an interesting experiment assessing the added value for search ranking of these new features. See:


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