nPario Finds Partner and Investor in WPP


nPario, which analyzes data on huge scale for monetization and targeting purposes, has found both a partner and a sugar daddy in WPP. WPP Digital is injecting $5 million in the startup for a minority stake, which also includes seats on nPario’s board.

In addition, online and offline data from the numerous companies under WPP’s umbrella will be integrated into nPario’s platform so the two organizations can build solutions that deliver data insight even faster.

“The application of technology to the management, mining and actioning of information has always been a core competency for direct marketers and their agencies, but over the past several years the data have become exponentially more diverse, faster-moving and higher volume,” said Mark Read, CEO of WPP Digital. “We are pleased to be partnering with nPario to help us scale marketing analytics for the new era.”


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