Majority of Jumptap Ad Requests Hail From Mobile Browsers


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Through analyzing 10 billion ad requests made to its mobile ad network from 83 million unique users in April, Jumptap reports that 58% of mobile users get content through their browsers rather than ad-supported apps. Nearly 40% more mobile ad requests were from consumers browsing rather than using apps.

The just-launched Simple Targeting and Audience Trends report also discovered that half of Jumptap advertisers used one or more targeting parameters for their mobile display campaigns. A third used specific smartphone features, while 15% used location targeting and 14% aimed via handset.

Users with personal income above $50,000 are twice as likely to click on ads than those making less — a 0.83% CTR compared to 0.37% CTR. Of course, you have to wonder in general how many U.S. consumers with incomes below $50,000 use smartphones or mobile devices with Internet access.

In addition, the CTR for male users was 0.47% versus 0.29% for female users, while users over the age of 40 were five times as likely to click on ads than younger ones. Download the full report here.


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