Loopt Pushes Groupon Now Deals on Mobile Social Network


ADOTAS – When Groupon acquired Pelago, maker of location-based mobile social network and recommendation service Whrrl, I thought a homegrown check-in discount service was on its way, one that sent push notifications to mobile users when they neared a deal. (Considering how many nails places I live next to, I’m sure I’d get nonstop offers for cheap mani-pedis…)

While that still could be in the works, Groupon has interestingly teamed up with location-based mobile social network survivor Loopt to provide a similar service. Loopt users will be alerted to time-limited Groupon Now offers through the Reward Alerts system, which the network claims is the only service that will inform you of location-based deals when the app isn’t even open (thank you, push notifications, which are easy to turn on and off).

Loopt users will able to share the deal with friends and purchase vouchers with their Groupon accounts by clicking through the app. As for being bombarded with deals, Groupon Now will only serve one a day, targeted to your location. The deals will also appear on place pages within Loopt’s city grids. People in Chicago get to give it a go first, but Loopt promises a nationwide rollout is forthcoming.



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