Knoll Takes Charge at AdSafe, Hints at Expanded Services


bossADOTAS – AdSafe Media cofounder Helene Monat has stepped down from her role as CEO to make way for Scott Knoll, most recently the founder and president of Datran Media’s audience targeting and measurement platform Aperture.

Knoll boasts quite the impressive digital advertising resume: he spent six years at DoubleClick in a variety of roles including managing director of DoubleClick Asia Pacific and vice president and general manager of Global Marketer Solutions. He is credited with launching and developing DoubleClick’s ad network in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea.

Prior to founding Aperture, Knoll served as CEO of digital advertising company BlackFoot. The Aperture audience targeting and measurement network was launched by Datran Media in April 2008.

In an interview with John Ebbert at AdExchanger, Knoll seems to suggest that AdSafe would be expanding its verification services into the media buying and selling realm, possibly with RTB-enabled advertising services.

“The current practice of leveraging cookies to target specific audience segments does not scale for most advertisers and has created all kinds of inefficiencies as buying trends towards real-time algorithm based trading,” Knoll said. “AdSafe’s core competency is in data sciences and its ability to make very complex decisions based on a number of different data points about the content of the page, the type of audience it attracts and readers’ behaviors.  This puts us in a very strong position to build advertising solutions for buyers and sellers that create better efficiency and results in the marketplace at great scale.”


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