Impressive First Quarter Online Ad Revenue Is Good Omen for Year


ADOTAS – The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers reported the most impressive first quarter and second highest revenue haul of the online advertising space’s short lifespan. The $7.3 billion total marks a 23% increase year over year and only a slight drop-off from 4Q 2010, which at $7.45 billion was the best quarter for online ad revenue ever.

Since 2008, revenue has tended to drop off significantly for online advertising after the holiday season, just like it does for traditional advertising. And since 2010 marked the new high-water point for revenue at $26 billion, such an impressive quarter is a good omen for 2011 on the whole.

David Silverman, partner at PwC. “These numbers indicate that the interactive advertising field hasn’t simply bounced back since the recession; it’s growing with dynamic energy.”

Unfortunately, the IAB only offers a drilldown of revenue by marketing sector every half-year, so can’t we look at those figures next to the ones released by IDC yesterday that suggested display revenue is growing at a faster rate than search.


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