GetJar Focused on App Discovery With Infrinity Acquisition


app.jpgADOTAS – Gosh, they grow up so fast. On the heels of injecting a social update into the mobile web version of its app depot, GetJar has made its first acquisition: Infrinity, a company that provides discovery services for mobile publishers and app developers. You might remember that app discovery was the chief reason GetJar integrated Facebook Connect into its mobile website.

The company’s name is not a tasteless joke about mispronunciation but an amalgamation of the terms “inference, friends and affinity,” the three essential components to its recommendation system that will be integrated into GetJar’s app store. Infrinity’s platform offers predictive insights for both niche and mass-market audiences to aid in enhancing app discovery.

Last year the company won VentureBeat’s “Needle in the Haystack” business contest and earned a speaking spot at the DiscoveryBeat conference. Founder and CTO Anand Venkataraman will be coming to GetJar as vice president of discovery technology.


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