DataXu Gets Brand-Friendly With Its DSP


ADOTAS – Does the ever-changing display ecosystem confuse, maybe even scare your little brand? Perhaps terms like trading desk, demand-side platform and real-time optimization haunt your brand’s dreams, making it tightly clutch to ad dollars that could be spent online?

Hush now — DSP DataXu has built out a brand-friendly extension to its DX2 platform to quell your baby’s fears. In addition to typical multi-channel DSP services, DX Brand offers variety of evidence-based brand metrics like awareness, recall, favorability and purchase intent. From there, DataXu offers post-campaign reporting that to matches offline conversion data with DX2’s analytics and reporting.

In addition the platform employs in-ad surveys, A/B testing, and multivariate decisioning for placement and creative optimization. Beta tests with creative agency Team Detroit produced a 9.4% increase in brand favorability and 5.8% jump in awareness.

“Current techniques for measuring and optimizing brand advertising online are slow and expensive manual processes that don’t work at Internet scale” said DataXu CEO and cofounder Mike Baker. “We developed DX Brand to meet the needs of brands and their agencies that have embraced programmatic media buying and want to expand beyond direct response to branding campaigns. They can now move budgets online relying on metrics that prove their campaigns are working, with the assurance their branding dollars have been invested wisely.”



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