Cheetos Rewards Goofing Off Through Meebo Quests


ADOTAS – Cheetos and its spokes-cheetah Chester want everyone to take a break. Start goofing off on the web right now — only make sure you’re logging your break time into social dashboard Meebo’s web check-in system.

The snack brand is running the first sponsored campaign on Meebo’s Quest platform, a rewards expansion on the check-in system introduced in November. Cheetos is aiming to tack up 1 billion minutes of break time by encouraging Meebo users to check in via their Meebo bars on browsers or on Meebo’s iPhone app. The 100 goof-off worthy sites run the gamut: Google, The Onion, TMZ — there’s no simple term to classify them all.

Wasting time will earn you virtual rewards such as badges and “real rewards” like paper trophies. (I won a “Naked Chester” just for visiting the site — it sounds like it should be a term on Urban Dictionary, but I swear it’s just a paper doll.) The elite goofer-offers will receive lifesize portraits of themselves made entirely from Cheetos. I kid you not — the Cheetos guys have done it before for celebrities like Rachael Ray. You can check your status in the procrastination race on the leaderboard and watch live updates from all competitors.

The Cheetos campaign epitomizes how Quests work — Meebo encourages content discovery and check-ins through rewards and contests. Meebo is launching its own “Summer of Movies Quest” today to encourage users to engage with content about the season’s blockbuster films.

“Our goal with Quests is to bring a fun way for people to discover interesting content on the Web while rewarding them for their participation,” said Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg, Meebo’s Co-founder and CEO. “We fielded research that says users are looking for easier ways to uncover content specific to their tastes through like-minded people. Quests not only give people a way to do this through our Web check-in system, but they make it interesting with an achievement-based platform.”


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