Blekko Powers Topix Search After Integrating Facebook Likes


searchADOTAS – Blekko, the social search engine that employs user-curated slash tags, has another trophy to add to its display case, which is getting pretty full considering that the engine launched back in November.

Topix has chosen Blekko to power the search capability for its news aggregator, which includes 360,000 edited news pages culled from 50,000 resources — newspapers, blogs, radio and TV stations, government, magazines and more. More than a million searches are conducted by seven million uniques each month.

“We truly believe that curated search is the future of the Web and we’re proud to bring that experience directly to Topix pages and directly to our users,” Topix CEO Chris Tolles said. “The team at Blekko knows our users and our content extremely well and this background will help in delivering a very powerful search experience to our users.”

Blekko certainly does know Topix readers — CEO Rich Skrenta and Vice President Mike Markson were cofounders of the aggregator and served on its executive squad.

This news comes after another cool Blekko addition that I didn’t get a chance to write about — Blekko integrated Facebook Connect so that when you add the slashtag “/likes” to a search you can see which results your friends approved, or just the sites that friends liked.

A posting box makes it easy to share with your Facebook friends what you’ve been searching and comment. Below the box are recent postings by friends with the topic mentioned. In addition, using the slashtag “/facebook” will only show relevant posts from your newsfeed.

It’s pretty cool to play around with — you can also search for relevant tweets by adding “/twitter.” Blekko users have created more than 110,000 slash tags so far.


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