ATTIK Creates ‘Angry Cars’ Game for Scion iPad Campaign


gamer11.jpgADOTAS – As Bunchball’s latest numbers showed last week, gamification fever has officially swept the interactive marketing space. Toyota’s Scion division has jumped on the trend with a game-adorned ad unit delivered in the June iPad issue of satirical news publication The Onion.

Developed entirely (and, according to the press release, pretty painfully) in-house by creative agency ATTIK, the game promotes a $1,000 rebate for qualifying college graduates buying or leasing a car through challenging them to propel a cartoon Scion off a ramp and into various college-themed targets (student loan officer?). The game features three levels of difficulty, and points are earned by not only destroying the targets but also for hitting other random objects (homemade bongs?) and trashing fewer Scions.

Any resemblance to a certain best-selling mobile game about hot-tempered avians I’m sure is completely unintentional.

Demo for Scion’s College Rebate Rally Game from ATTIK on Vimeo.

I hope there’s a message somewhere in there advising college kids not to hurl their cars into concrete walls at high speeds… But all joking aside, the targeting aspect is smart — those smarty-pants college kids love their satire, and using a slingshot to destroy stuff is an ageless sport.

In addition, the ATTIK guys suggest the game is pretty revolutionary in the way it was designed, jumping the animation hurdles typically presented by the iPad’s javascript engine — my brain began hurting a bit reading about the development details, a clear sign it’s way too technical for a lowly journalist like me to understand.

“The Rebate Rally pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in HTML5, and we hope people will take notice,” commented ATTIK Principal Design Technologist Paul Hulett. “We are big believers in gamification, and feel that this game and our other recent projects demonstrate our leadership in creating ads that are smart, approachable and engaging. With ads moving out of Flash containers and into integrated browser experiences, and needing to engage customers more than ever, we are ready to lead the revolution.”


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