Answers Served: 24/7 Real Media Delivers Full m.e.n.u.


ADOTAS – 24/7 Real Media’s new cross-channel, end-to-end digital marketing platform m.e.n.u. has a full load on its shoulders. Not only is it a tool for advancing digital marketing efforts, it’s also tasked with simplifying a heavily congested ecosystem. Ari Bluman, president of North American Sales & Operations, was kind enough to explain just what m.e.n.u. is all about.

ADOTAS: What does m.e.n.u. stand for and what’s the elevator pitch (i.e., how do you describe to clients in 15 seconds)?

BLUMAN: m.e.n.u. (Marketplace, Exchange, Network, Unification) is an evolution of the digital advertising landscape. We have created a platform that brings together thousands of partners, solutions, and offerings, making it simpler for marketers and publishers to understand and execute against digital strategies.

How does m.e.n.u. build off of current 24/7 RM offerings like Open AdStream? How is it different from anything the company has done before?

24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream powers over 1,200 licensees around the world, the Media Innovation Group, the 24/7 Global Web Alliance, as well as m.e.n.u. 24/7 Real Media, for over 13 years, has delivered the very best targeting through partnerships and proprietary technology. With our platforms, we bring competitive advantages to all of our partners. m.e.n.u follows these very same principles.

What techniques does m.e..n.u. employ in optimizing revenue for publishers?

Exchanges, marketplaces and networks provide advertisers, agencies and publishers with opportunities that are quite valuable. m.e.n.u. utilizes all of those strengths, but adds several unprecedented innovations to the unification of those offerings. Publishers are able to choose the advertisers they want, the inventory they would like to offer, the creative units that produce the greatest yields and data partners that provide them with greater returns. m.e.n.u. helps these publishers understand how they perform against all brand and DR objectives, and we help them understand how they can improve their relationships, their CPMs and their revenues.

What innovations does the platform introduce in campaign targeting and optimization? What about psychographic targeting?

m.e.n.u. allows advertisers to get back to the basics. The user they wish to reach is the first step. Marketers can choose the content, the sites, the placements and audiences based on demographic, behavioral, psychographic profiles of that user. Marketers can reach these audiences via display banners, video, mobile, and they gain the ability to utilize a number of pricing options. They can choose specific partners they wish to conduct business with within each and every part of the user-to-placement options.

Then comes step 2. This is where marketers outline their goals and objectives… What are they trying to accomplish? Utilizing dozens of targeting tactics, across any number of partners has never been possible before. m.e.n.u. makes it possible and simple.

Are there unique ways advertisers can take advantage of m.e.n.u.’s cross-channel media buying?

Another significant benefit of m.e.n.u. is its ability to measure an entire digital plan. m.e.n.u. offers measurement, attribution modeling, research, analytics and ad verification, across all digital media.

Why does the digital advertising space require a solution like m.e.n.u.?

The digital landscape is too complex. It is getting more difficult to navigate every week. Advertisers are intimidated with the number of different opportunities and it causes confusion. Additionally, it is incredibly difficult to execute against all these options. Publishers too have many partnership options in so many different places that this causes them to lose control of their relationships, brand, rates, and their overall value.


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