AdMob Adds Tablet-Specific Units to Face Rocketing Traffic


ADOTAS – It was a year ago that the Federal Trade Commission (reluctantly?) gave its blessing to Google’s $750 million acquisition of AdMob, and apparently the marriage is blossoming quite well. Ad requests have increased by three and a half times, and AdMob is fulfilling 2.7 billion requests daily across its network of 80,000 mobile apps and sites (which is about to grow… Keep reading).

To give that figure some perspective, the bigger independent mobile ad networks seem to range from 20 billion to 35 billion impressions served monthly.

But it’s the tablet traffic that’s really blowing minds over at AdMob — with a recorded 300% increase in the last six months, tablets account for one out of every six mobile ad requests. Fittingly, AdMob is introducing several new ad formats specifically designed to take advantage of tablets’ larger screens and touch capabilities. Built in HTML5, new interstitial units can incorporate video, image galleries and other interactive features.

Check out the vid:

I’ll be damned if those don’t remind me a bit of iAds…

Earlier this week, Google introduced in beta the serving of rich media ads from DoubleClick into AdMob. Agencies can use DoubleClick Studio to build these mobile units while advertisers can use DoubleClick for Advertisers to serve them and measure their performance. In addition, DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business ad server will soon be with AdMob, allowing publisher clients to manage ads on their mobile websites.


It seems eventually DoubleClick will become the one-stop platform for advertisers and publishers to manage their mobile and display advertising.

Oh, and there’s more: AdMob House Ads for developers to internally promote products and services has been upgraded with new ad formats as well as improved campaign management and better ad targeting options. Google is also integrating a “mediation” tool into AdMob Ads SDK that will select the “most valuable” ad from competing mobile networks. Very curious about that…

And whatever happened to AdMob founder Omar Hamoui, who left Google five months after the acquisition was finished? Well, he’s playing with digital gnomes



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