Adknowledge Launches Combined CPA-CPC Interface


ADOTAS – Thus we reach the end of the compelling affiliate saga that was Adknowledge’s acquisition of Hydra. The former’s Affiliate Division has a launched a combined CPA-CPC interface for campaign management, marking the full integration between AdStation from Adknowledge and the CPA network from Hydra, which Adknowledge purchased last year.

The enhanced dashboard will allow affiliates to view their campaigns by publishing channel as well as combine campaign search and reporting. In addition, Adknowledge includes a filter system for identifying best performing campaigns.

According to Adknowledge, the improved campaign management solution lessens the risk Affiliates spread over several networks by delivering a more labor intensive approach.

“By introducing this innovative and combined dashboard, we can offer the power of a hybrid solution with more flexibility and less complexity,” said Greg Bayer, general manager of Adknowledge’s Affiliate Division. “Ever since Adknowledge’s acquisition of Hydra, this has been our top priority to continue to improve the affiliate user experience and offer hundreds of CPC and CPA campaigns in one central location — a stand-out in affiliate networks.”



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