Adknowledge Integrates Monetization into Corona App Development Platform


ADOTAS – Develop, deploy, monetize — you could call them the three hallmarks of mobile development. Now Adknowledge is offering developers the ability to do all three at once through a new partnership with Ansca Mobile, maker of mobile development platform Corona SDK.

Adknowledge’s Super Rewards platform is now integrated into the upgraded Corona SDK, allowing for instant monetization through virtual currency offer marketing. After quickly building and launching their apps, developers incorporate offer from more than 10,000 advertisers on Adknowledge’s BidSystem, with developers earning cash on offer completion.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ansca Mobile to provide an integrated solution that helps developers bring their games to market faster than ever,” said Chris Smutny, general manager of Adknowledge’s Super Rewards.  “Ansca’s Corona SDK takes the fragmented process of game development, deployment and distribution, and natively combines it with the critical monetization element from Adknowledge, putting everything a game developer needs under one roof. This solution frees developers to focus on creating really good games, rather than all the steps in between.”


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