‘Your Ad Here’ on the Moon


mindblownADOTAS – Man’s endless search for more marketing real estate will finally take him to the final frontier: digital agency Space150 is working on technology to turn the moon into a giant billboard.

At first I thought the release and video — coinciding with Space150’s 27th image makeover as the company undergoes a complete rehaul every 150 days to mirror the constantly changing world of digital marketing — was an April Fools’ joke. A marketing guy says I’m half right — the projection technology used in the video below is real and turning the moon into advertising space could be done via projections deployed from a satellite orbiting the moon.

ADVERTISING ON THE MOON from space150 on Vimeo.

The selling point is 6.8 billion impressions nightly, but considering the barrage of advertisements most earthlings already face, how soon do you think “moon blindness” would kick in?

Space150 made the moon advertising video to highlight some of the innovative technology the agency is bringing to the digital signage space. Recently the company ran a Times Square campaign for Forever 21 in which a model interacts with the tourists below, taking a photo and even lifting members of the crowd up to toss in a tote bag.

Forever 21 Times Square Digital Billboard from space150 on Vimeo.


  1. Really? Did they play an April fool’s joke? The FAA has no imagination. They should locate offshore to fire lasers at the moon.

    From a digital advertising perpsective, how will they track CTR%? Can they localize ;)

    I had to ask what people thought of allowing Moonvertising http://sodahead.com/poll/1652373/


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