Technorati Drafts AppNexus for Private Exchange


privateADOTAS – As comScore’s 13th largest media entity in the U.S., Technorati is the latest major online publisher to jump on the private exchange train, but there’s an interesting twist — Technorati also runs a social media network stretching more than 1,500 blogs.

The private exchange, built by AppNexus, will open automated real-time bidding and standard inventory buying for advertisers, demand-side platforms and agency trading desks. In addition to providing media buyers with direct access to inventory, Technorati promises transparency and brand-safe content.

The technology is integrated with Technorati’s proprietary data management platform to provide enhanced behavioral segmenting and targeting. Publishers will have access to a customizable dashboard built on top of AppNexus APIs. AppNexus will aslo be taking charge of serving ads on Technorati’s social media network, which according to comScore is the third-largest social media property following Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s incredibly validating for AppNexus to be chosen by a huge brand like Technorati Media as its technology platform and ad server,” said AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley. “Our collaboration will truly transform what Technorati can offer their clients in terms of scale, yield management, automated buying, and brand safety controls. Technorati’s strategy is a prime example of how ad networks are evolving their businesses today using AppNexus.”


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