Solve Media and NuCaptcha Suit Up for CAPTCHA Ad Battle

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captchaADOTAS – Solve Media, wielding its handy TYPE-IN Ads, isn’t the only player in the CAPTCHA advertising game — last October, NuCaptcha launched its video advertisement CAPTCHA solution, which uses animated text to thwart bots. A video advertisement plays in the background while a brand slogan floats across the CAPTCHA box, ending with a code in red for solving the puzzle. Solve introduced a similar video solution last year, but users type in a brand-chosen slogan to solve the Captcha.

With its new Engage service, NuCaptcha has just added self-serve platforms for both publishers and advertisers. Pubs can easily switch out their current CAPTCHA service with NuCaptcha’s video technology and drive easy revenue, while advertisers need only to upload their current video ads into NuCaptcha’s ad server.

Here’s a cute video that explains the service with the help of a narrator borrowed from National Geographic:

NuCaptcha Engage from Christopher Bailey on Vimeo.

Nice, nice, NuCaptcha, but Solve Media already had self-service platforms for publishers and advertisers– CEO and cofounder Ari Jacoby told us that publisher implementation takes a mere 30 minutes. Last week, the company introduced Solve Media Premier for larger publishers (100,000 CAPTCHA solves a month or 1 million uniques) that promises to facilitate ad management and optimize targeting and creative.

While both companies swear that their technology improves CAPTCHA security, Solve might have a leg up by using brand slogans to solve CAPTCHAs, bumping up user recall.