Quick Hits: No Clue What It Entails, But Google Offers Is a Go


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Watch out, Groupon — once spurned would-be acquirer Google has launched its own deal service, Google Offers, in NYC, San Fran, and… Portland, Ore.? Um… OK, I hear it’s a nice city — Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus lives there, as well as my friends Zack and Justine. So, that’s all the details that are available at the moment — this animated video with a “Juno”-esque soundtrack (i.e., the kind of cutesy acoustic, boy-girl tradeoff crap that just might make you gag) doesn’t say much either.

Not that I’m a huge fan of the Pulitzer Prize — especially as it’s named after one of the founders of yellow journalism — but I give big kudos to the judges for awarding online independent news site ProPublica with the award for best reporting for its coverage of Wall Street before the financial crisis. It’s a nice slap in the face to condescending, print-based and corporate-controlled mainstream publications.

TrackSimple, an analytics service acquired by data management platform BlueKai in January, has introduced a new feature to its media dashboard that allows agencies and marketers to view and analyze campaign data aggregated from media channels such as DoubleClick, Google Adwords, Facebook, MSN and Google Analytics.

Right after ADTECH released its freemium ad server for smaller publishers and advertisers, Dirk Freytag, president of ADTECH and head of AOL Advertising Product and Technologies, has flown the coop.

The New York Times has talked 100,000 readers into getting digital subscriptions in the three weeks since its paywall went up. So… Um, is that impressive or not? The company also reported that digital revenue, which was up 6% year over year in the first quarter, made up 28% of revenue this past quarter compared to 25.6% in first quarter 2010.


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