PubMatic Offers Pubs Easy Access to Third-Party Data


dataADOTAS – Among many interesting findings — including that advertisers are highly interested in RTB-powered publisher private exchangesPubMatic’s recent survey with DigiDay discovered that 47% of publishers had to turn down an advertiser RFP because they couldn’t provide the required targeting.

Hey, no need to be sad! PubMatic will hook you publishers up with the data you need through its new Audience Data on Demand Service. Through its Sell Side Platform for Premium Publishers, PubMatic is enabling pubs to reach out and grab some third-party audience data sets to assist in their direct sales initiatives.

Initial launch partners are date resources eXelate, Quantcast and Proximic; PubMatic plans to add more data providers in the coming months. In addition to boosting sales efforts, Audience Data on Demand offers publishers improved understanding of their audiences through a outside vantage.

“Advertiser demand for granular audience targeting is exploding,” said PubMatic cofounder and CEO Rajeev Goel.  “As part of our commitment to empower publishers to meet the ever-evolving demand from advertisers without having to work with dozens of different companies to do so, Audience Data on Demand serves as a natural extension of our robust Sell Side Platform for Premium Publishers.  We want to make the publishers of today be the smartest sellers of tomorrow, while making it as simple as possible for them to accomplish that.”


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