PeopleDeals Sweetens the Coupon With Every Share


coupon.jpgADOTAS – They say sharing is caring, so when sharing a lot can seriously boost a discount, shouldn’t you care more?

PeopleString officially launched social coupon platform PeopleDeals, currently a stand-alone web portal and a Facebook app, though we were promised iOS and Android apps will appear in the coming weeks. Users can press the “shareItUp button” to pass on a geo-targeted deal through a host of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and even… MySpace.

The more you share, the better the deal gets:


Then if your friends share the deal, it keeps getting sweeter — of course, there is a cap decided by the merchant.

While sharing for better offers is a neat feature, PeopleDeals is also trying to give merchants a better deal than Groupon’s 50% commission. For a flat fee of $80 per month or $649 annually, merchants can release multiple deals at the same time, customize all coupon aspects including the sharing cap, and view deal analytics in real time.

“PeopleDeals offers merchants something Groupon and its clones – which often attract one-time bargain shoppers – do not: a fully customizable coupon platform, direct connection with their customers, and most importantly, a growing, loyal customer base that will advocate on their behalf,” commented PeopleString President and CEO Darin Myman.

PeopleDeals has also partnered with toolbar and app marketing company, which will promote a customized People Deals app on its site to its millions of users.


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