OfferedApp Gives Away Paid Apps Through Offer Marketing


app.jpgADOTAS – Everybody wants to be like Groupon these days — even Facebook, which just re-imagined its Deals product to be a group-buying service. Just-launched mobile-app distributor OfferedApp — developed by the founders of performance advertising network Cactus Media and app developer MobaTech — is also riding the daily deal wave, but its service adds offer marketing to the mix to supply smartphone users with the paid apps they crave.

Each day the site highlights a different paid app (never the same one twice, says cofounder Greg Schwartz) ranging in price from $0.99 to $9.99 — today’s special is MotionX-GPS Drive, which normally retails for $0.99 at the App Store. After a user fills out an offer or survey of his or her choice, a user will receive an email with a link to download the featured app, no fee.

As there are no limits on downloads, consumers can keep coming back for a new app every day. While operating in private beta, OfferedApps accumulated 20,000 subscribers who on average returned for more apps 15 times. That caught the eye of developers, who get the standard share of revenue from OfferedApp and are increasingly interested in having their apps featured on the service. OfferedApp currently supports the iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Oh, but what are these offers — are they shaded in suspicion? How many toolbars will you have to uninstall? No, says cofounder Aaron Weitzman, it’s nothing like that. Weitzman, who is also CEO of performance advertising network Cactus Media, says the companies seeking leads are reputable and will not ask for sensitive data such as credit card information. The most personal thing you might give up is an email address and he assures that there is no data reselling.

“Our business model depends on users coming back to the site multiple times, so our advertisers are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and best possible experience for users,” he comments.

In the near future, OfferedApp hopes to introduce a mobile version in the form of a native app for various platforms. The service is also working on enabling multiple daily downloads and developing the ability to target apps to specific users based on their downloading history.

“Consumers like free apps,” Schwartz says. “There’s a big difference between $0.99 cents and free.”


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