Google Referrals to Demand Sites Take a Tumble


stairsADOTAS – Internet writers and content developers all growled as Wall Street validated Demand Media’s lowest-cost content production machine to the tune of a $1.9 billion valuation. Well, now would seem to be the moment for schedenfreunde — the latest data from Experian Hitwise suggests that traffic to Demand Media sites (such as eHow and AnswerBag) from Google has declined by 40% since the beginning of the year.

And whadayaknow — despite a call for calm from the top brass, Demand’s stock has dropped 40% this month to hit its nadir on Monday: $14.05.

While in January 0.57% of Google visitors headed next to a Demand site, by April 16 — when the full Panda algorithm upgrade had been implemented — that figure fell to 0.34%. Answerbag referrals from Google have slipped a whopping 80% while eHow has lost 29% of its hits from the search giant. A few weeks ago, Sistrix estimated eHow had witnessed a 66% dip in traffic.

So it looks like Panda’s job here is done — Yahoo’s content farm Associated Content has also witnessed a 61% slide in referrals. However, there was a fair deal of collateral damage and the SEO gurus are drawing up coping strategies. The real question is — do you feel like your Google searches are better?

On April 18, Demand put out a press release reaffirming its first quarter guidance and claiming that its year-over-year growth in page views would be equal to or better than the year before. Demand’s first-quarter conference call is on May 5. The company’s website says it’s still hiring freelancers.


  1. Do you even know what you are talking about? Aol’s content farm Associated Content????? Google algorithm is definitely not working. Otherwise, low quality articles like this wouldn’t have been on the first page of its search engine.


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