GetJar Gives Mobile App Shop Social Renovation


app.jpgADOTAS – Ninety percent of the mobile app downloaders who get their app fix from open and independent app store GetJar access the distributor from its mobile site. While GetJar currently boasts 30 million uniques, the company believes version 3.0 of its mobile website will drive even drive even traffic thanks to a Facebook Connect hookup.

While search is still the leader in terms of driving traffic to GetJar, social networks are bringing in a noticeable amount of uniques. The upgraded GetJar mobile site offers fully integrated Facebook features — after logging in with Facebook Connect, users can view what their friends are downloading on GetJar and post about apps directly to their own walls or friends’ pages.

FriendsAppsScreenWithin the Friends section, Activity shows what your friends are downloading or otherwise doing (commenting, liking, disliking) on GetJar. The Apps tab shows the popular apps not only based on your friends’ rankings, but also friends of friends, which expands the recommended apps by 11 times. Within the MyApps download history — a complete record of all apps downloaded from GetJar — users can easily make specific app downloads private. (No one can know about my inability to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius…)

In general, the redesign is more modular. Since GetJar technology recognizes your device and mobile operating system when you navigate to the site, the Top Apps on the home page are based on the the most-downloaded apps for your device in your country. Also on the home page, three sponsored apps appear at the top of the screen and two at the bottom — three are pay-per-download while two are CPM-based. Within the Categories pages, these sponsored downloads are contextually targeted.

“Now that users can share apps with their friends on Facebook, recommendations are really a bit old school,” said GetJar CEO Ilja Laurs. “Our recent research clearly showed us that what consumers care about is what their friends are downloading and using, not what we as an app store think they should download.”

The research of which Laurs is GetJar’s recently released App Meter Survey, which was filled titillating discoveries — for instance, 73% of app users have downloaded an ad-supported app and about 60% said they’d do it again. Back in February, GetJar took home $25 million in a Series C financing round led by Tiger Global Management with additional participation by existing investor Accel Partners.


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