Free Ad Serving From Trimmed-Down ADTECH Lite


serveADOTAS – You like ADTECH, AOL’s Advertising’s ad serving technology, and its IQ ad serving platform, but it seems a bit heavy to meet the display needs of your lean (i.e., not-very-big) operation. Well, the ad management platform has got a nice offering for you with a price to match — trimmed-down ADTECH Lite, which offers free ad serving to small and midsized publishers and advertisers.

Publishers or advertisers serving 50 million impressions or less can create and launch display (as well as basic video or mobile) campaigns that feature geotargeting (to the zipcode), keyword targeting, or targeting based on browser, operating system, connection type or IP address. In addition to multiple pricing models (CPM, CPC or flat fee), ADTECH Lite offers live monitoring and testing, banner templates and frequency capping.

It’s the fancy-prancy customized/advanced features that the freeloaders will have to pony up for, but they can do that item by item. However, these small frys will still get access to ADTECH’s inventory management system and limited reporting for free.

“ADTECH Lite has been designed as a free offering to support growth for businesses of any size,” said Dirk Freytag, president of ADTECH and head of AOL Advertising Product and Technologies. “In offering ADTECH Lite, we are proud to serve the needs of younger and smaller growing businesses and look forward to creating lasting partnerships along the way.”


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