Facebook’s Origins Rear Their Ugly Head Again With Refiled Lawsuit


world_avenue_suit_small.jpgADOTAS – Call up Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher — we’ve got the treatment for “The Social Network 2: Status Update.” Or should it be “SN2: Share This”? “No Comment”? “DisLike Button”? “Against the Wall”?

Well, I’m not sure about the title, but I definitely have the tagline: “The Winklevoss twins weren’t the only ones who got Zucked.”

Paul Ceglia, who filed suit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last July with the claim he owned half of the social network, has refiled with a bigger law firm and a lot more evidence.

Considering that he waited seven years to file suit and had been convicted criminal fraud, Ceglia initially seemed like a scam artist who picked way too big a target — it was pretty easy for Facebook to laugh him off, even with Zuck’s history of double-crossing partners.

However, international law firm DLA Piper, which specializes in tech, is in Ceglia’s corner this time and the case suddenly seems a lot sturdier.

On the evidence, Henry Blodgett comments on Business Insider: “We think that, if the emails and contract Ceglia produced are indeed fake, the fraud should be easy to expose (so easy, in fact, that we imagine DLA Piper’s investigators would already have exposed it–which leads us to question whether the emails and contract really are fake). We also think that, if the emails are fake, Paul Ceglia will be going to jail for a long, long time–a consequence that we assume was not lost on him.”

It’s a drag for Zuck’s past bad behavior to return to the spotlight. Arguably the guy has undergone a complete image makeover in the last nine months, topped off by the award-winning movie that threatened to skewer him. Instead “The Social Network” made Zuck look like a really smart kid who got in over his head and suffered the consequences — mostly personal and emotional ones, but some financial ones as well.

Not that you should feel all that bad for him as he cries himself to sleep atop a mattress made of solid gold and pillows stuffed with $100 bills.

Just like Steve Jobs is Apple (hence why investors and fanboys/girls freak out every time he has an illness scare), Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook. Last year, Zuck’s image problems arguably exacerbated user ire over Facebook privacy policy changes, but the social network seems to be sailing calmer seas now. Have you heard any media reports about an upcoming “Quit Facebook Day“?

Remember when Google seemed like the only force that could stem Facebook’s evil social tide? Now I’m cheerleading for Facebook’s search function.

Don’t be surprised if Zuck and crew quickly write Ceglia a giant check — likely larger than the one Facebook cut the Winklevosses — and tell him to crawl back under that rock. Facebook currently has a clean rep and doesn’t need Ceglia trudging around with his old muddy boots.

Speaking of the most eligible twin rowing bachelors, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss cannot get out of the $65 million settlement they reached with Facebook in 2008. Wait… Why would you want to get out of being paid a whopping sum like that? So you can sue Facebook for even more — the Winklevosses claimed that Zuck and crew undervalued the company and they, along with partner Divya Narendra, were owed $160 million.


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