EPIC-ally Pissed At Google


angrybirdsADOTAS – Online Privacy Firm EPIC (The Electronic Privacy Information Center) filed a complaint with the FTC last year claiming that Google’s Buzz social network threatened the privacy of its Gmail users. Google settled with the FTC and agreed to independent privacy audits according to Reuters.

The search giant also resolved a separate class action lawsuit brought forward by a Gmail user. A portion of the deal specifies that $6 million will go to groups advocating for Internet privacy issues. However EPIC is pissed. The firm requested $1.75 million of the take and Google has decided to give all of the money to companies that already benefit from Google including the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Brookings Institution.

Other groups are angry about this distribution of funds as well, stating in the report that those groups already “receive support from Google for lobbying, consulting, or similar services.”


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