Criteo Picks TagMan for Retargeting Tags


tagADOTAS – It’s been a while since we checked in with the advertising tag masters at TagMan, and it seems they’ve been quite busy — most recently, the company jumped into bed with retargeting champion Criteo for a partnership promises to simplify, accelerate and enhance the execution of retargeting campaigns.

The integration of TagMan’s Tag Management System gives Criteo clients a clear view of the path to conversion through tools such as retargeting, SEO, paid search and social. In addition, clients will have firmer controls over targeting, privacy, and page weight challenges.

“Criteo’s platform already provides robust reporting capabilities, and with their solution existing within our Tag Management System, Criteo’s advertising clients can instantly access and manage an additional layer of control, attribution analytics and de-duplication for their marketing campaigns, including exactly what search term individuals typed after being exposed to a retargeting banner,” said TagMan CMO Chris Brinkworth. “This type of information is of tremendous value as marketers continue to develop more targeted advertising.”


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