Case Study: Arkovi Presentations Lift Off With SlideRocket


presentation_smallADOTAS – Arkovi is a social media archiving solution that enables businesses to capture the social content that employees create online via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

“At Arkovi, we are always on the road meeting with potential customers and investors discussing the benefits our service can provide companies. It is crucial that we stay top of mind when companies make a decision,” explained Blane Warrene, CEO of Arkovi.

Here’s how Arkovi uses SlideRocket to create and share effective presentations that make a lasting impression and ultimately grow the business.

SlideRocket Brings the ‘Wow’

Since transferring static, drab slides into the engaging, interactive SlideRocket presentation platform, Warrene has noticed an immediate positive response from his audience.

“People are blown away. SlideRocket brings an immediate ‘wow’ factor to our presentations that wasn’t there before,” said Warrene. “Now we’re able to deliver a presentation and share it with the audience with the click of a mouse. We’re in the midst of rebranding – just seeing our materials in SlideRocket makes them more dynamic. I recommend SlideRocket to executives and companies all the time. It’s given Arkovi a competitive advantage that we couldn’t find with other services.”

Easy Distribution

Arkovi relies on presentations to tell their story, bolster their customer base and garner funding from key investors. The company needed an easy way to create and distribute presentations internally and externally without having to send large files.

“With SlideRocket, we’re able to give a presentation and immediately send it to whomever we’re speaking to without having to wait until we get back to the office or worrying about whether the large file will clog their inbox. We simply send them a link and we’re done, simple as that.”

With the majority of Arkovi executives working from iPads, they’re able to open, present and share a presentation from one device. Best of all, they’re able to track the analytics to see what messages resonated well with the audience.

Effortless Version Control

With employees around the country, it is also important to maintain consistency with sales presentations that contain the most current content. Working from SlideRocket’s centralized library of presentations, slides and media, the company is able to streamline communications by allowing employees to access the latest sales deck, company logo slide, or product video without having to monitor multiple versions. This ensures that all internal and external communications are consistent and accurate.

“With SlideRocket, we have peace of mind that employees at a tradeshow in Florida are referencing the same statistics and messaging as executives delivering a funding presentation in California,” noted Warrene.

SlideRocket provides an elegant, engaging and efficient way for the entire Arkovi team to create a great first impression, delight their audience, close deals, and win business – whether in the boardroom or at a tradeshow.

“After seeing what SlideRocket has done to maximize the growth of our business, it’s confirmed – SlideRocket is the only presentation solution out there that offers engaging presentation features, efficiency and control.”


  1. This was a great product until clearslide took over the customer service. Now you’ll get a response only if your lucky. Sliderocket is now full of bugs that are not a priority. It is not a surprise that VMware sold this cloud solution off.


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