Augmented Reality App Gives Billboards Feelings


augmented_smallADOTAS – The digital signage space keeps getting more exciting through adding interactive and mobile elements (beyond just a QR code) to the static billboard. Earlier this year, Space 120 launched a campaign in which video on a Times Square billboard interacted with the crowd below.

Now ADstruc, with the help of Tronic and GoldRun, has made a billboard emotional… Well, if you have an augmented reality app on your smartphone that is.

A billboard near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel into Manhattan (which is clogged at just about any time of day) reads “Today I’m Feeling ____”.  Drivers stuck at the tollbooth logjam can use the GoldRun GPS augmented reality app see if the billboard is happy or sad. Apparently the billboard may also feel like dancing or cheering on the New York Knicks (who are in the NBA playoffs — how weird is that?), and app users can insert their own feelings (with giant emoticons) and share them on social networks.

ADstruc Interactive Billboard from TronicStudio on Vimeo.

This effort is the latest entry in ADstruc’s “Billboards for Everyone” campaign and is sponsored by JWT New York, SPREAD Art and Culture magazine. Previously ADstruc helped street artist Shepherd Fairey’s Studio Number One launch a billboard in Arizona that featured migrant workers painting the billboard being chased by police.


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