Aspen Fulfills Epsilon’s End-to-End Email Platform Dreams


emailADOTAS – We mused what the fallout would be from the great email marketing security breach of 2011 — a hacker broke into Epsilon’s database and stole names and email addresses for 50 companies (2% of the email marketing giant’s 2,500 clients), causing much speculation that the email marketing space was doomed, DOOMED!

Well, last week email marketing software maker Responsys‘ IPO would seem to belie that prediction, with 6.62 million common shares sold at $12 each, well above the company’s expectations of $8.50 to $10. In other words, the value of the company went up about 30% on its first day of trading. So investors still have confidence in the sector, which says something as they’re usually the first to flee (or not show up) at any sign of trouble.

It’s also back to business as usual for Epsilon, which is expanding its service offering through the acquisition of Aspen Marketing Services, the largest privately held marketing services agency in the U.S. In particular, the acquisition opens the automotive door for Epsilon and gives it quite the presence in the vertical.

In addition, Epsilon commented that Aspen will complete the company’s six-year task of building an end-to-end offering “by bolstering its agency business to be of comparable leadership proportions to those offered through its data, database, analytics and distribution offerings.”

Aspen also brings an experienced management team to Epsilon while expanding its presence in telecom, financial services and CPG sectors.


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