Ad-Supported Kindle Doubles as Amazon Coupon Depot


amazon_small.jpgADOTAS – Another day, another mobile device to optimize your display ads for — Amazon has introduced an ad-supported wifi version of its e-reader, Kindle With Special Offers. It’s a whole $25 less than a regular wifi Kindle — $114 vs. $139.

I’ll take your silence to mean you’re stunned by that discount.

Oh, there’s a stroke of genius to this. No, this Kindle will not serve “in-chapter ads,” just ads on the homepage and screen saver. Brand partners for the launch include General Motors, Procter & Gamble and Visa.

But the Kindle has the term “Special Offers” in its product name for a reason: Amazon is using it as a portal to direct offers to consumers and drive loyalty to the massive online retailer. Amazon will be shooting out deals for Audible Books, gift cards and other products.

So think of it this way — at a discount price compared to the regular accessory, the Kindle With Special Offers is both an e-reader and an Amazon coupon service.

On a side note, I keep trying to type the new product as “Kindle With Benefits,” which seems alternately disturbing yet highly marketable…


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