YuMe Streamlines Video Management With Pub Platform Upgrade


videowall_smallADOTAS – Considering the tremendous growth in the space, YuMe thinks it about time brand TV ad dollars took a leap across the “Meeker gap” into the world of online video.

However, “the supply of video content is extremely fragmented,” says YuMe President and cofounder Jayant Kadambi. “Our video management provides a mechanism to aggregate the little guys to sell to the big advertisers.”

Hence the release of ACE for Publishers 3.0, a video ad management platform aimed at streamlining the monetization and syndication efforts of midtail content developers and owners. By offering management tools that lead into its Relevance Engine, YuMe can bundle the inventory of these content makers to offer the scale and targeting that will lure brands TV ad dollars.

The platform gives content owners more control of the ads that appear with their videos as well as tools to manage the network relationships. In addition to managing syndication relationships, the platform provides tools for building new partnerships and improved reporting.

AFP reporting

“Consolidated reporting may sound pretty blase, but it’s incredibly important to tying together the ecosystem,” comments Senior Vice President of Marketing Ed Haslam.

For consistent ad appearance, video inventory is automatically formalized for player size and various devices, with resolution and other aspects adjusted where appropriate. YuMe also feeds both audience and contextual data through its Relevance Engine to offer optimal advertiser placements as well as preventive brand safety — if an impression does not meet all of a brand’s requirements, including position relative to the fold, an ad is not served

Although display ad networks are increasingly acquiring or partnering with video ad networks, Kadambi argues that video is a distinct piece of inventory, fundamentally different than display. “Video inventory requires more than a tag slapped on,” he says.


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