Twitter’s Numbers Seem Impressive…


twitter_smallADOTAS – It took three years, two months and one day to first get to a billion tweets. Now Twitter users reach that milestone about once a week.

Celebrating five years of microblogging on March 21, Twitter has released statistics that show the network’s impressive growth, with the last year in particular looking pretty spectacular. The average number of tweets sent per day has gone up to 140 million from 50 million the year before — 177 million were posted on March 11 (the day a massive earthquake hit Japan, followed by a tsunami).

In addition to a 182% growth in mobile users in the past year, Twitter notes the addition of 460,000 new accounts daily during the last month, with 572,000 registered on March 12.

However, Twitter is careful to parse terms — these are not new users, but new accounts. The Pew Research Center noted late last year that Twitter growth had stalled in the U.S., with only 6% of Americans (8% of Internet users) signed up as active users. International growth is still on the upswing; however, so is the zombie population — i.e., bot accounts simply retweeting other accounts — which is reportedly out of control.

Sure the number of tweets may be skyrocketing, but how much of that is just echoes of tweets swirling around the chamber?


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