SheKnows Opens Social Window With Connect


crowd_small.jpgADOTAS – Female-focused media network, part of the Evolve Media family, has introduced social platform SheKnows Connect, built off existing social platforms. With the social integration, SheKnows aims to increase user engagement as well as interaction with others on SheKnows’ sites and external social platforms.

It’s an interesting development for advertisers as Evolve offers true end-to-end support for innovative and customizable campaigns that use all components of its owned and operated properties as well as DoubleHelix creative studios and the SpringBoard video platform. So now advertisers aiming for SheKnows’ female readership can add a social twist to unique campaigns.

They can try out the first of many promised features tied in with the platform — SheKnows Dares, in which SheKnows users challenge each other to 250 self-improvement tasks such as “Walk a mile” or “Ask out your crush.” (“Bake your man a pie — right now, dammit!” was rejected for some reason — could have been a great product promotion with Sara Lee.)


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