Red Aril’s DMP Brings Pub and Advertiser Seeds to Fruition


seedADOTAS – Because we’re online advertising professionals and not pomologists — scientists that study pome fruits like pomegranates — it’s less than likely we know that the fleshy covering on seeds from pome fruits is called the aril. For the pomegranate in particular, the aril is translucent and magnifies the rich red hue of the seeds.

If audience data are the seeds that further publisher revenue, a data management platform like Red Aril’s is definitely akin to a transparent shield, helping proprietary data reach fruition (well, more like monetization) while keeping them secure within the publisher’s domain.

Few companies offer data management as a core competency, CEO Jim Soss notes, it’s typically an adjunct service that was developed to fill a costumer desire.

“That’s like an apple one day deciding it’s going to be an orange,” he says. “Unless you architected your platform to manage data from the start, not going to be able to do it right.”

Red Aril, on the other hand, started purely as a pure-play data management and audience optimization platform — it licenses its data technology and does not keep any for itself. Staying independent is a chief priority, as other DMPs are conflicted by their data-selling activities — selling data is rarely recommended to publisher.

While Red Aril launched publicly in December 2010, the company has been going about its data management business since July 2009, when it sensed publishers were being underserved in the data management marketplace, and even “bullied by data hawks,” Soss says.

Publishers can use RedAril’s insights to sell audience targeting, charge higher CPM rates and leverage all their data assets when connecting with media buyers through DSPs. The platform also maintains second party data arrangements, data sharing and private data alliances. On the editorial side, data intelligence can be both a useful tool for site personalization and content development.

Though its clients are mainly on the publisher side, some advertisers have sought out the DMP’s services.

“It’s a big blind spot for advertisers,” Soss says. “They have strong data warehouses, and our platform can integrate all first party and even offline data.”

In a study on DMP-enhanced media solutions with marketing firm Catalyst S+F, Red Aril was able to deliver a threefold ad campaign performance through building predictive models that leveraged first- and third-party data. In addition to enabling the campaign to scale and reach its goals, the DMP-enhanced campaign recorded a lower CPA than other solutions.

Soss has been amused how DMPs and data optimization have become a very hot topic in the digital advertising space of late following the sale of Demdex to Adobe Omniture. But he says Red Aril’s technology is known to be the real deal.

“We’re trying to emphasize this is not a hobby or something we’re doing because it’s hot now,” Soss says. “There’s a host of questions publishers have surrounding, ‘what do I do with my data?’ Our platform answers these.”


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