Quick Hits: Tweets Arrive in Bing News Results


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Bing news search results now come with related posts from the Twitter stream. Users can easily pause the feed on the search results and click through to the actual Twitter feed.

Ad verification and attribution technology from Adometry — entity formed after the merger of Adometry and ClickForensics — has been certified fit for advertiser use across the Google Content Network, even for inventory bought through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The integration of Collective’s AMP Audience with Adobe SiteCatalyst (powered by Omniture) marks the joyous coming together of pixel-free tracking with retargeting, as well as enhanced analytics.

Apparently four lines of Java code can send The New York Times’ paywall tumbling down. That’s about one line for every $10 million the New York Times Company spent to build it.

According to The Telegraph (Australia), Facebook kicks 20,000 underage users — or, as I like to call them, lying little s—s — off its social network daily. Chief Privacy Adviser Mozelle Thompson didn’t go into the specifics about how Facebook could tell users were not actually 13 and up.

These mobile operating systems grow up so fast: Windows Phone 7 is now offering copy and paste functionality to users, just like older siblings Android and iOS have been for… ever?

Further highlighting its mobile desires, Facebook acquired Snaptu, which builds apps for feature phones — believe it or not, they still make up 69% of all global phones and 55% of those in the U.S.


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