Quick Hits: Facebook Is Worth Even More Apparently


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Just when you think it can’t get any higher, it zips up a few more notches: as institutional investors look to buy $1 billion in stock from employees, Facebook’s valuation appears to be somewhere between $60 billion and $75 billion. When Goldman Sachs dropped $450 million into Facebook’s coffers back in January, it was only valued at $50 billion. If the social network’s 2011 revenue is $2.5 billion (the median of numerous estimates), $75 billion is only 30 times revenue — reasonable, no?

After cutting deals with payment companies Fiserv and CashEdge, Visa is making moves on PayPal’s turf with a new service that will allow U.S. customers to transfer funds person-to-person.

And stay down — a tactical assault on botnet Rustock has virtually knocked out the spam powerhouse, causing spam volumes worldwide to plummet.

Mobile users like to get info fast, right? Because web optimizer Blaze just found that Android’s Chrome browser loaded web pages 52% faster than iPhone’s Safari — 2.1 seconds for an average page load vs. 3.2 seconds. Zoom zoom!

Apparently Groupon is mulling a $25 billion valuation for its IPO, which would be larger than Google’s from a decade ago ($23 billion). It’s certainly dwarfs what FriendFinder, which operates adult-oriented social networking sites, will likely be seeking for its latest go at an IPO.


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