LinkedIn Has Its 100 Million Users Pegged

Inplace #2

linkedinADOTAS – Of the 100 million users now registered on LinkedIn, 74 list “Elvis impersonator” as a position while 46 do the same for “beat-boxer.” One lonely soul is a “martini whisperer” — I was kind of upset they didn’t mention my position as a “volunteer nose-picker” (someone’s gotta grab society’s boogers!).

Having knocked down the 100 million milestone, LinkedIn released some stats about its user base sure to entice B2B advertisers. About 44 million users are in the U.S. while 56 million come from the rest of the globe. The largest represented sectors on the business-oriented social network are service (20%), finance (9%) and high tech (9%). LinkedIn also hosts 2 million C-level employees and over 7 million small business owners.

More than 6 million uses are sales professionals, while 4 million engineers and 4 million IT professionals combine to form 8 million techies. Another 2.5 million are finance pros, while around 1.4 million are accounting officers and another 1.4 million are creative types.

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