Google Wants You To Be Its +1


date_smallADOTAS – Today, Google officially launched the “+1” feature. The social product is Google’s answer to the “retweet” or “like” button. The feature allows you to inject social capabilities into Google Ads by sharing your Google Search results that you like with your friends and the web in general according to TechCrunch.

The +1 feature will be found next to every search result that pops up after you type in “hot pants for cheap” or “ninja turtle paraphernalia” and the like. You can also +1 ads that pop up in the search and regardless of being +1’d as an ad or a search result the page connected to the +1 accumulates both and raises its popularity. Google math for the next generation.

But what does this mean in terms of privacy? All +1’d results are public, both to your friends (through your gmail account) and the entire Internet population (any result that pops up on a search that you’ve +1’d will show that information). This doesn’t seem like something people would be super excited to start doing but it’s useful. It helps share things you may find of interest to your friends, but mainly it’s another way to tailor the online advertising experience. I, however would be sick of seeing ads for baby-associated things because I forgot I +1’d a site that I once bought toys for my niece and nephew on. Often, I visit sites, once or twice and forevermore am being targeted by companies that don’t have a relevance to me often, if ever. If Google can figure out how to stop that from happening, I may make them my +1.


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