Google Lets DoubleVerify Tag Exchange Inventory


verificationADOTAS – Earlier this year, Canned Banners’ Myles Younger lamented that a campaign he ran across Google’s Display Network (GDN) targeting online ad pros ended up picking up a lot of inventory on sites like “” “Unless the captains of the online ad industry are a bunch of pimply 12-year-olds, Google is selling me some very dubious (or dare I say: “f***ing sh**ty”) clicks,” he wrote.

As more media buyers question the quality of content on GDN, Google has opened up inventory bought through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to verification by DoubleVerify; ad buyers will now be able to attach DoubleVerify tags on such inventory. Previously Google only allowed third-party verification on GDN campaigns bought through Google.

Which is kind of interesting because Google’s role as an intermediary brings into question whether the DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a true ad exchange. Arguably if you were buying GDN inventory through the exchange, you were buying it through Google, so why couldn’t you get a third party to verify it?

DoubleVerify says that its AdAssure and BrandAssure solutions will be approved immediately for use on GDN inventory bought bought through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange or through Google itself.


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