Facebook Tells Developers to Drop AdSense


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – UPDATE — Received an email from Facebook saying that the social network has not singled out any ad providers developers may be using that didn’t sign the Platform Terms for Advertising Providers.

Seems like the Google-Facebook war has been in a stalemate for a few months now, though that could potentially change as Google (possibly) transforms its Google Me social network from fantasy to reality at the I/O conference in May. However, Facebook may have struck first.

Facebook developers are reportedly being asked to remove AdSense because Google has not signed its Platform Terms for Advertising Providers. The deadline to get with the Facebook program — which include strict rules about sharing Facebook data — was February 28, and Google apparently watched it fly by. The social network threatened enforcement, which appears to be rolling out.

While noting that not many Facebook developers use AdSense, All Facebook’s Josh Constine wonders if the ban might not have future ramifications for developers: “Some might see the policy enforcement as the precursor to further restriction in the future, and could cite it as a reason why not to build on the Facebook Platform.”

Seventy-two ad tech firms have been approved for Facebook’s “whitelist,” including BrightRoll, AOL’s Advertising.com, EpicSocial and Specific Media.



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