eXelate Hooks Up Pubs With DataLinx DMP


control_roomADOTAS – Everybody wants a slice of data pie these days, so publishers have to make sure their sweet audience info is protected from potential snatchers. eXelate introduced DataLinX, a new data management platform for publishers that features the company’s DataShield technology. DataShield allows publishers to identify and monitor third-party tags roaming their sites and slap those collecting data without permission.

“Publishers have been overlooked in the data equation, yet they really hold the key asset in the ‘data ecosystem,” says eXelate CEO Mark S. Zagorski. “Their audience has been manipulated, leveraged or outright stolen without their knowledge or permission. eXelate is driven to help publishers control audience access and create secure, transparent, monetization channels, because the ‘M’ in DMP needs to stand for more than just manage.”

In addition, DataLinx offers configurable “plugs” for controlling access to data as well as tools for monitoring site latency due to pixels. eXelate also offers “pixeless” integrations that avoid the use of cookies.


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