DoubleVerify Knows Who’s Been Compliant or Not


verificationADOTAS – Who are the most compliant display ad networks in your neighborhood? Well, for the second half of 2010, DoubleVerify gave a big thumbs up to AOL’s, AudienceScience, Casale Media, Dedicated Media, interclick, Microsoft Media Network, Specific Media, Traffic Marketplace and ValueClick Media.

These good boys and girls had an average noncompliance rate of 2%. The top brass averaged only 3 episodes of noncompliance each between June and December 2010, nine times better than those noncompliance networks. Their standard deviation in regards to noncompliance was between 29% and 38%.

But just what makes up noncompliance? Why, serving ads to sites out of inclusion lists or in exclusion lists. Ad networks get the evil eye when they serve ads by inappropriate content or to international audiences. Imagine the bad marks if you served an ad internationally next to inappropriate content — oh dear!

Invite Media, The MIG’s Zues Advertising Platform and VivaKi’s Audience on Demand were all recognized as highly compliant ad platforms. Read the full report here.


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