Cool Campaigns: Cereal Boxes Augment Reality


mindblownADOTAS – Man, the kids today have got it so much better — I remember suffering through bowl after bowl of cereal (I never touch the stuff now), desperate to reach that cheap toy hidden within the grainy contents of the box. Now kids can get video games that are built right into that box.

20th Century Fox has teamed up with Nestle and Dassault Systemes to offer an augmented reality campaign for its new animated film “Rio” that will hit 26 million cereal boxes across the 53 countries. By cutting out a square on the box and filming yourself with a webcam, you can have a virtual parrot experience online. Check out the video to see how it works:

That looks like far more fun than actually owning a parrot… Unless Dassault isn’t showing the part in the game where you clean out the bird cage. Or the part where the parrot won’t stop biting your fingers. Or the part where the bird keeps you up all night squawking. Virtual reality is so much better than real life.

This is the third augmented reality campaign on which Nestle has worked directly with Dassault — videos of the other two are pretty neat as well. I’d totally beg my mom to buy me these cereals just for the game — I may still bug her to do it next time I come visit.

We noted around the Super Bowl that Fox teamed up with game-maker Rovio for a “Rio” campaign featuring new levels for mobile gaming sensation Angry Birds. If the movie is half as good (even with Will I Am voicing a character) as its digital marketing initiatives, it will surely be a success, but I highly doubt it will nearly as creative as its ad campaigns.


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