Click Forensics Takes Adometry’s Name With Its Tech


skipping_smallADOTAS – Traffic monitor Click Forensics and ad verifier Adometry are looking to be the talk of the online advertising space with their nontraditional integration — can you believe the acquirer is taking the acquiree’s name? Heavens to Betsy!

Click Forensics has bought Adometry and the conjoined company will go by Adometry. Originally focused on deterring click fraud across channels for search marketers, Click Forensics has been shoving its way into the display space. With the addition of Adometry’s technology, it has updated its cross-channel ad analytics suite for display, enabling all players in the space to manage audience verification, attribution and campaign optimization via a single platf0rm.

“The key challenge online marketers face today is accurately measuring and improving the performance of their online ad campaigns as they flow across a changing landscape of ad networks and web sites,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics and the new Adometry. “With the addition of ad verification technology from Adometry, our ad analytics suite integrates all the pieces of display campaign measurement and optimization in a single offering for brand advertisers.”


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